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Computer Shuts Down

Currently Being worked on.. Some common and basic items that can be checked to find out what maybe causing the computer/laptop to shutdown. Dust / Dirt / Hair / Smoke / Rug Fibers / Pests and more… This can cause issues on multiple levels. Cigarette smoke is one of the most harmful to electronics that […]

Malicious Popups – Samples

When working with customers and technology users, one question is “How do you know if something is bad?” I usually say ” If you live in a bad neighborhood you lock your doors and are more aware of your surroundings, so think of the internet as a bad neighborhood” The internet can be a bad […]

IPv6 Security – Home and Small Business Networks OPEN to the Public

In the past 5 months Zsys-Networks has noticed an increase in Hack Attacks, Virus Infections, and Data Theft. This all happens to coincide with some of the larger providers such as Time Warner Cable(Road Runner), Comcast, as well as other ISP’s finally implementing the new IPv6 technology which has been available for several years now. […]