Computer Shuts Down

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Some common and basic items that can be checked to find out what maybe causing the computer/laptop to shutdown.

  1. Dust / Dirt / Hair / Smoke / Rug Fibers / Pests and more…

This can cause issues on multiple levels. Cigarette smoke is one of the most harmful to electronics that I have seen. I have seen Cooling fans clogged and frozen in place from the tar being sucked into the machine and coating all internal electronics and components in a sticky film which allows and attracts dust and other harmful materials to stick, cook from the heat, and builds up. Overtime this issue becomes worse as it becomes layered until things overheat and burn up, or short the machine out. Sometimes the devices can be saved, but most of the time they are already too damaged to be repaired.

  • With Desktop Computers you can remove the side cover. You can then get a glimpse of the inside and see if Dust is an issue. UNPLUG THE POWER! DO NOT TOUCH ANY COMPONENTS!
  • Below you see a Motherboard with a CPU fan for cooling. You will notice that the fan is clogged some and preventing correct air flow to pass through.

  • You will notice below with a closer look of the CPU fan that it is more then 50% clogged with dust. This particular computer was shutting down and also was making loud noise when running. This was one of my first flags to believe the issue was caused from overheating.
  • Closer inspection of the machine components also show signs of dust buildup.
  • This machines looks dirty and needs to be cleaned. We use can air made for use on electronics. NEVER USE A VACUUM!! You will damage your machine.