Hosted Server & Workstation (Virtual Office)

Hosted Server & Workstation:

Zsys-Networks is able to create and manage Private LAN configurations with secure access. Many businesses can benefit from having a server & client configuration, while cutting costs on maintenance, hardware, and IT department costs. While also providing access from anywhere to the same network resources that you would have at a fully functional office infrastructure we can customize a solution that best fits your particular business needs. Depending on the size of the business you can also benefit further by utilizing volume license pricing while retaining ownership of all software bought and maintained for your business. Where as some hosting companies maintain ownership and rent the software solutions, Zsys-Networks allows the full purchase of the software as well as maintains licensing requirements for the customer while giving the purchasing company the ability to depreciate the purchased software for their own tax purposes.

  • Available Server Operating Systems include Windows 2008 Standard/Enterprise, Server 2012 Standard / Enterprise / Data Center, FreeBSD, CentOS, and Linux
  • Available Workstation Software Options include Windows 7 Pro/Ent, Windows 8 & 8.1 Pro, Suse, Fedora, and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Storage Arrays(Typically Unix) – Utilizing the following access protocols and ability for multiple technologies concurrent access such as NFS(@NIX), CIFS(Windows), AFP(Apple), FTPs, Rsync and more.

Server configurations including storage size, memory requirements, processor cores, and other hardware requirements depending on required performance levels and number of concurrent users accessing the service can be customized to each customers requirements.

All Virtual LAN Environments can be customized in multiple and various ways, including hybrid configurations where some server and workstation equipment can reside onsite at the business location while maintaining a connection to the virtual environment for remote workers. This is unique in that the environment can grow or shrink depending on the current needs of the customer. Some business entities hire help only during specific times of the year and why purchase expensive hardware for employees that may only be temporary or grow to meet the current business demands.

LAN & WAN Virtual Office Environments can be connected by VPN, Direct Connect, or just utilizing your business or employees internet connection and home computer while maintaining security and data protection.

All Virtual Office configurations are Maintained, Backed Up, Monitored, & Supported.