Hacker Prevention & Security Controls

ZSYS-NETWORKS Is Not Your Typical Company nor

Do We Follow or Use Your Typical Streamlined &

Worthless Commercial Network Security Products & Protocols.

While on the surface many of these products are nice and fancy and can make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and at times come with hefty price tags or licensing fees. In reality the hacker community laughs at many of these products and refers to them as helpers and gateways in making their attempts at information easier.

That is ludicrous you may say. Well is it really? Look at the corporate world and the amount of money wasted on these products and they still get hacked and they are even surprised at the amount of data stolen. What is even more surprising is what these companies really don’t know nor does the IT Staff understand. How can many Multimillion dollar companies with 100’s of IT Staff and Engineers get hacked and taken control of then? Millions of dollars on employees and millions spent on protection and equipment, and controls in protecting corporate assets. At what point was all this money spent really beneficial, wasteful, and actually working against you and creating security breach ability easier?

What is even more disturbing & worrisome is that many of these same companies don’t even scratch the surface of cleaning up the cause and doorways used to attack them and steal information from them which leaves them open for future attacks, probes, and data purges/corruption/theft. You may say at this point that this is unreal and a bunch of lies. Our response will be “You believe what you want and we will keep dealing with what we know, have seen, and will keep using the out of style and against the grain techniques in dealing with these situations.”


Although Zsys-Networks is not a billion dollar company. We are one thing and that is a company that knows how to deal with these threats and the owner has designed hardware & software over the years in dealing with these situations, One of which was designed back in the late 90’s and while it was a legitimate freeware program years ago called Hacker Wacker. This program took off beyond the limit of the owner at that time to be supported & eventually was removed from the freeware market. However in the meantime malicious people took the name and tried to use the good name of the software and popularity and release their own malicious attempts to infect unsuspecting people.

If one thing stands true is that you do not need millions to invest in security that does not really protect you as you expect it would. Look at all the corporations, insurance companies, health companies, and others that stand out and point out harshly that the amount of money spent does not buy you security and peace of mind, but yet puts all of its customers at risk as well as insurance premiums higher.


Zsys-Networks can open your mind and change the way you look at protection and monitoring your network and business assets. Although many IT Staff & Engineers will not & do not like the techniques of how assets and security items are reviewed, criticized and checked, The owner of Zsys-Networks understands that this is mostly because most people in this industry just learn and follow the text book techniques like sheep and never want to learn or understand the ways of Hacking, Social Engineering, Cracking, and the ability to take technology(Software, Hardware and Electronics) and re engineer them in a way to exploit it to your benefit and take control of a corporate network with little effort at times.

* All devices on a network are targets and can be utilized in a attack against you *