Recovery Downloads – Non-Paid Support

Customers will find the current recovery disk and support download required to install their operating system functionality to their original state. Depending on the state of your computer at Sale & Installation this configuration may differ. These are the base configurations created and dependent on the computer type & manufacturer. You will need to provide the product key and in some cases the serial number. These were provided with the computer at the time of sale. If you provide a key that is Fake then you will not be able to unlock the downloaded recovery disks.

The ONLY FREE support offered is that you may download your software for FREE. Zsys-Networks will not provide installation, backup, or software support. This is a user self support option. Zsys-Networks is not liable for any issues you may cause to your own machine or any data loss due to supporting yourself. No guarantees or warranties are provided with this support option.

Zsys-Networks Suggests Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10, Linux, Centos, FreeBSD, and Suse Linux depending on the solution required and your specific needs. Including but not limited to (Travel, Biz Sales, Security, Gaming, Graphics, Music, ect)

All Files are in ISO format and compressed. Once downloaded you will need to click on the EXE file to decompress the file into an ISO CD/DVD FILE. Once decompressed you be able to create your own DVD or CD Disc from the ISO file which will then be able to be used to create your recovery disk set.

 By Downloading the following software you AGREE to the above Terms.



  1. ACER
  2. ASUS
  3. DELL
  4. HP
  5. IBM