Backup, Storage & Redundancy Solutions

Offsite Backups & Storage:

With Zsys-Networks platform of owned, customized and operated equipment, you can choose from a range of off-site storage configurations to meet compliance requirements, increase redundancy, and further protect critical data from almost any disaster. Our off-site managed backup solutions can be customized to meet almost every need and requirement of any business. Zsys-Networks utilizes several operating system platforms to help meet encryption, interoperability, and multiple data snapshots requirements.(Monthly / Daily / Hourly Copies)

Some of these options include, but not limited to:

  • MySql & MS Sql Database Backup & Live Filesystem: This allows the ability for fail over and redundancy protection. Your database can synchronize with a hosted MySQL solution that will be available to allow for traffic balancing or as a backup database in case a website, e-commerce site or business database gets overloaded or fails for any reason.
  • Business Data / File Replication: In these days of on demand need for constant access to business information and having the ability to recover from disaster, viruses, hardware failure, and software failure due to file corruption. It is a requirement and need for many enterprises as well as small & medium sized businesses to have the ability to either use the backed up & replicated data as soon as possible. With multiple ways to access and configure this solution an enterprise network can have direct network connections to out facility to increase security & decrease downtime by redirecting their data access requests directly to the replicated data location. This solution can also be utilized by using encrypted VPN, ftps and web based access solutions to business data.
  • Plain Old Backup Storage: Offering the ability to keep multiple copies & data retention gives the ability to grow your storage requirements as needed while retaining multiple copies for auditing purposes or granular recovery options.
  • Plain Old File Storage: This allows a business that may have multiple locations, remote workers, and/or does not meet the requirement or capacity to have access to enterprise level internet access or costly point to point links to utilize a central file storage location at the home office for all business locations requiring access to the needed critical business information. Some businesses are located in areas that do not have guaranteed or stable power, internet and wan access options and in turn this makes it too costly to maintain their own Data & Information Technology Infrastructure. An example of this is a location that only has DSL or Cable Internet technologies available to them in which don’t offer Service Level Agreements for business continuity or limited speed availability.