Network Services & Solutions

Managed Router Service:

Zsys-Networks Managed Router Service provides a complete router and IP transit solution, which includes installing, monitoring and managing your router. You can use a Zsys-Networks Provided Cisco or Adtran router or your own router with designated minimum requirements depending on the selected service provider. All customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all customer circuits to allow for peak performance across routers.

DNS Services:

Zsys-Networks provides Primary, Secondary, and/or Backup DNS services, while utilizing separate subnets to increase redundancy and availability. This includes domain record management for all record types.

Network Infrastructure Maintenance / Monitoring / Management:

Zsys-Networks deploys network monitoring and intrusion detection devices within the network infrastructure that can detect possible pending failures, abuse, hacking, and hijacking attempts, virus/malware outbreaks. Some of these devices have been developed by Zsys-Networks in controlling such issues from becoming a prominent problem or causing network & service disruptions. Performance monitoring is done 24/7/365 days a year to make sure that traffic congestion and growth options are made available and suggested before network, server, workstation, performance levels fall below the point in which productivity decreases and failure and interruptions become apparent.

Zsys-Networks Maintenance includes testing of all service packs, software updates and creates a sandbox for each specific network & server configuration to test these security updates to decrease downtime and possible network disruptions before we roll it out into a production environment. All maintenance is done during off peak hours. All Workstations, Servers, Printers, & Network Devices are checked often for security patches, hardware health, and performance status. Although every business interruption or failure of network, servers, and other devices can’t be predicted we are able to deter and increase system up time and availability by our preventive maintenance programs.

Zsys-Networks keeps on hand and in inventory a certain amount of equipment dedicated only to our Maintenance Agreement Customers. In turn this allows us to better support our customers needs and requirements and prevent long term outages and service disruptions.